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TechCleaners - Interview with Karim Samani

Interview With Karim Samani – Owner of TechCleaners

Interview with Karim Samani – owner of TechCleaners for Unity Radio – The Real Sound of the City. In this interview Karim talks about setting up your business from scratch – as well as his take on what he think it takes to be achieving excellence.

Umar Ali talks about Instagram and digital influencer marketing

Interview With Umar Ali – Digital Influencer Marketing

In this interview on The Logros Show on Unity Radio – I talk to Umar Ali – the owner of Pie Analysis, which is a full service Digital Marketing Agency specialising in Digital Influencer Marketing. So everybody who is interested in Instagram, stay locked on!

intentions versus goals

Buddhism in Business Part 4 – Intentions -vs- Goals

This is the fourth in a six part series looking at Buddhism in Business. In this part, I look at how the principles of Buddhism help us to understand that there is a difference between intentions and goals – and about learning to let goals go.