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What is Innovate UK?

Innovate UK, a government agency in the United Kingdom, plays a pivotal role in offering financial assistance and guidance to businesses in their endeavours to conceive, develop, and commercialize groundbreaking products, processes, and services. As an integral part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), an independent public body dedicated to funding research and innovation within the UK, Innovate UK deploys a variety of funding mechanisms, including grants, loans, and equity investments.

Beyond financial aid, Innovate UK extends its support by providing access to a wealth of expertise, networks, and cutting-edge facilities, all geared towards facilitating the transformation of innovative concepts into market-ready realities.
The overarching objective of Innovate UK is to empower UK businesses to thrive on the global stage by fostering and nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Innovate UK Smart Grant

What is an Innovate UK Grant?

Organizations registered in the UK can apply for a portion of £25 million in funding for ground-breaking and economically feasible R&D innovations that can significantly impact the UK economy, through Innovate UK, which is part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).


Both single applicants and collaborators are welcome to participate in this competition. To lead a project, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a UK-registered business of any size
  • Be a UK-registered research and technology organization (RTO)
  • Conduct all research and development (R&D) project activities within the UK
  • Plan to commercially exploit the project results from the UK
  • Include at least one grant-claiming micro, small, or medium-sized enterprise (SME) as a participant or involved party.

What are the benefits of Innovate UK and UKRI grants?

Grant funding enables business owners and their organisations to fund their R&D activities without the need to dilute their equity through investment, and commit to taking out loans with the costs of interest and the risks of putting assets up as collateral.

Grants can also provide more than twice the funding available through the R&D Tax Credit programmes, and they fund a wider range of project costs.

Furthermore, your funding is provided every 3 months throughout your project- a huge cashflow benefit over tax credits which can take 18 months before you receive the cash benefit.

And even if your grant application is unsuccessful, you can still claim the tax credits for your project- using the grant application as the majority of your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any UK-registered company undertaking research and development activity on an innovative product, process, or service with the potential to disrupt a market could be eligible for InnovateUK grant funding.

There are many grant schemes available, and these change all the time, but typically if your project, but typically if your project runs for 6-36 months and will cost £100k to £1 million, there is likely to be a grant scheme for you.

Grant funding is a competitive process with applications evaluated by a panel of 3-5 experts across business, academia, and your industry sector. Applications are made online, and if successful, you can usually start your project three months after the application.

SMEs can request grants for up to 70% of their project costs. The grant is paid quarterly in arrears- i.e. you work on your project for three months, then submit a claim, and the funding body pays into your company bank account the agreed percentage of the project costs you spent during that quarter.

As long as you do the work you proposed in your application, grants are not repayable. Even if the project fails- as long as you undertake the work and submit your claims, you do not have to repay the grant.

Also, unlike equity, investment grants are not dilutive- you do not have to give away shares in return for the funding.

You can claim grant funding on the following categories of expenditure that you invest in your R&D project:

  • Labour costs of your team members on PAYE, including employers’ National Insurance, pension contributions, and other contractual costs.
  • Business overheads (typically a fixed 20% of your project labour costs).
  • Materials- and materials, including energy costs, that are used on the project.
  • Capital expenditure- the depreciation suffered during the project on any existing or new equipment. This can range from team members’ computers to manufacturing equipment for your project.
  • Subcontracting- if you need external help to undertake your project, you can claim the costs of external companies. These should be UK based unless you are unable to access the necessary expertise or capabilities in the UK, and should ideally be less than about 40% of your overall project costs.
  • Travel and Subsistence- if you or your team need to travel to undertake the project, the grant can be claimed on the costs incurred.
  •  ‘Other’ – you can include costs for licensing-in technology, regulatory approvals, up to £7500 of IP costs, renting laboratory space, etc., necessary to undertake your project.

Your team should have the expertise and skills to undertake your project.

External assistance can be used and claimed if it is impractical or impossible for your company to perform some of the work yourself (you need the facilities, equipment, or niche expertise, for example).

You can include subcontracting in your budget, but most of the work (more than 50% should be undertaken in-house).

Your application, except for a short public description that you write yourself, is entirely confidential and will not be made public. The grant scheme administrative team and the panel of 3-5 independent evaluators are all under strict non-disclosure agreements, including non-compete clauses. In our 15 years in the industry, we have never heard of any leak of any element of any grant application.

Check your Eligibility

If you are interested in submitting a grant application and believe your company is eligible please complete this contact form.

The completion of this form is to enable us to decide whether a further meeting would be beneficial to both parties. We appreciate that this may take a few minutes but this will save you time.

After the completion of this form, if your project fits the criteria then the next steps would be a free consultation to understand more about the business, scope of a potential project and identify possible grants. The costs and fees would be discussed in this meeting.

Case Studies

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