intentions versus goals

Buddhism in Business Part 4 – Intentions -vs- Goals

This is the fourth in a six part series looking at Buddhism in Business. In this part, I look at how the principles of Buddhism help us to understand that there is a difference between intentions and goals – and about learning to let goals go.

Buddhism in Business - Getting to Grips With Meditation

Buddhism in Business Part 2 – Life Is One Big Distraction

Following on from Part 1 – I continue the course in Buddhism at the Manchester Buddhist Centre. Whilst getting to grips with meditation – the realisation that the ability to “Go Forth” and help others comes to light as well as discovering \”the middle way\”.

Buddhism in Business

Buddhism in Business Part 1 – Could It Help Your Business?

I recently attended a six week foundation course in Buddhism at the Manchester Buddhism Centre. In this article I will look at whether applying Buddhism in business could improve wellbeing, performance and results. It was certainly an eye-opening experience.

Case study from David Tasker - Acqueous Digital

Case Study – David Tasker @ Aqueous Digital

David Tasker of Acqueous Digital talks about how he brought Lee Dinsdale of Logros – Achieving Excellence. Without really knowing what to expect, David talks of his experience in working with Lee and his guidance to becoming successful in business and in his personal life.

Social Chain Group

Brands, Social & Community with Steve Bartlett

Steve Barlett was made CEO of Social Chain Group at the age of just 25. Here he talks to Lee Dinsdale and Scotty at Unity Radio about running a huge company from such a young age. We also talk to Steve about the importance of brands, social media and overcoming different challenges.