intentions versus goals

Buddhism in Business Part 4 – Intentions -vs- Goals

This is the fourth in a six part series looking at Buddhism in Business. In this part, I look at how the principles of Buddhism help us to understand that there is a difference between intentions and goals – and about learning to let goals go.

Buddhism in Business - Getting to Grips With Meditation

Buddhism in Business Part 2 – Life Is One Big Distraction

Following on from Part 1 – I continue the course in Buddhism at the Manchester Buddhist Centre. Whilst getting to grips with meditation – the realisation that the ability to “Go Forth” and help others comes to light as well as discovering \”the middle way\”.

Buddhism in Business

Buddhism in Business Part 1 – Could It Help Your Business?

I recently attended a six week foundation course in Buddhism at the Manchester Buddhism Centre. In this article I will look at whether applying Buddhism in business could improve wellbeing, performance and results. It was certainly an eye-opening experience.