How to stand out in an Interview

Best practices for Zoom interviews

In this interview on The Logros Show – in association with The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce – Lee Dinsdale talks with Victoria Goodier from Core Talent, Laura Leyland from FP-Resourcing and Diane Elebert-Morgan from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Interview with FP-Resourcing, Core Talent and The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce , on Unity Radio, The Real Sound of the City.


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It is not a question of what are you going to do just simply who do you want to be
Lee Dinsdale

  • Lee Dinsdale

    Lee has over 15 years of experience in professional services as an investment manager and private banker and, since 2014, as a social value entrepreneur. Lee is now an Accredited Coach, Master Practitioner in NLP and trained Hypnotherapist, and was recently awarded a distinction for his MBA.