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What Makes a Good Leadership Coach?

The most successful leadership coaches must have high emotional intelligence, exceptional interpersonal skills and excellent commercial awareness.

Coaches focus on supporting Leaders in closing the gap that will get them and their team to where they want to go quicker.

This latest Logros Advisory Partners blog will explain everything you need to know about a Leadership Coach.

Does a Leadership Coach work for everyone?

Before you look for a coach, it’s important to ask yourself the question: can you be coached? Are you open to feedback, and are you prepared to change?

Being able to trust your coach is the foundation of getting the results you want. The relationship should provide a sense of psychological safety, allowing you to explore 

What should you look for in a Leadership Coach?

As more organizations now seek the support of coaches, whether that be Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching or more specialist areas such as mindset coaching, it simply is a must to have a coach.

These are the top three characteristics of great coaches.

Effective Communicators

A great coach is able to be silent, when necessary, actively listening more than they are speaking and asking transformational questions moving the coachee closer towards their goals. This gives the coachee the time and space to think critically, analyze and connect their internal thinking with their external environment.

Strong Motivators

Encouraging, motivating, and inspiring are part of the coaching relationship. This is particularly important if the coachee experiences rejections, their business is suffering, or they haven’t completed their actions so that you remain energized, supported and committed

Results Focused

All coaches should focus on meaningful results; that’s what you are paying for.

It’s important that your coach encourages setting out tangible measures of progress at the start of the relationship, which are referred to, reviewed, or changed throughout the process.

How to choose a coach?

  • Requesting an initial free session is the best way to choose your coach so that you can feel whether the rapport is right for you and have a clear understanding of the role of coach and coachee.
  • Asking for references, testimonials and case studies can ensure you are choosing the right coach. Find out if they are willing to share knowledge, tools and techniques to ensure lasting change in your coaching journey.
  • A coaching philosophy, process and accreditations are important for an effective coaching relationship demonstrating a sound understanding of what is needed to achieve results.

Does executive coaching work?

Leading a company can be lonely, so what you should look for in a good leadership coach should include a coach that will help you work through complex situations, acting as a sounding board to prioritize demands and provide a confidential and safe space to work through difficult situations.

How executive coaching works includes strategies for stress management, self-care and staying focused. A coach acts as a professional mirror, challenging and guiding you to reach your full potential.

It is important to know how to evaluate an executive coach, such as measuring Improving productivity, increasing employee engagement and being able to critically make decisions to help shape workplace culture.

What are the top 5 qualities of a Leadership Coach

A leadership coach should provide you with:

How to practice Self-Awareness

Being able to reflect, observe your strongest feelings without reacting and reframe your negative thinking and self-talk is a vital skill that a leadership coach can teach you to be able to understand how to reach your full potential

How to improve Self-Confidence

Learning to be assertive, able to say no and giving yourself new challenges are areas of focus that build self-confidence. Developing new habits and putting them into practice create long term change and move you closer to your ultimate results

How to gain clarity

Cutting out negative influences, identifying stressors and staying super focused on either your personal or the company’s goals can dramatically impact outcomes.

How to build self-discipline

A Leadership coach can help with holding you to account, breaking down the goals into smaller, more manageable steps and motivating you to tolerate the discomfort of change

How to develop resilience

Being able to problem solve, grow a trusted social network and find a purpose in what you are doing are key ingredients that a great leadership coach will help you develop.

So, what to look for in a business coach?

Building a business is a real struggle, always overcoming rejection and having to deal with multiple problems. 

Although not essential, it is helpful if your business coach has experienced owning their own business. This is because it means they can have even more empathy and understanding of what it feels like to be in your position.

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