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Case Study – David Tasker @ Aqueous Digital

David Tasker of Acqueous Digital talks about how he brought Lee Dinsdale of Logros – Achieving Excellence. Without really knowing what to expect, David talks of his experience in working with Lee and his guidance to becoming successful in business and in his personal life.



“Logros were recommend to me by my manager during a difficult time in my personal life. The experience has been very good as Lee from Logros is very easy to talk to but also challenging (in a good way) The personal benefits have been being able to speak openly about issues at work and in personal life in confidence. Allowing me gaining perspective and find ways to deal with distractions. Consequently I have been happier and more focused at work and have increased my billing at work. I had my best ever month as we finished the 12 weeks. I also have Increased energy and confidence in my personal and social life with a much better perspective and more positive outlook.

Now I have clear personal goals some of them work related and some not but all interlinked. I know what I want and how to achieve it as Lee challenged my excuses, made me see my goals more clearly and helped me focus on what I need to do to achieve rather that what’s stopping me achieve positivity. I would recommend Lee because now I feel I am on a far more successful path in so many ways.

Logros has helped me be more proactive in my personal life which in turn has made me more successful in my career. I think many others could benefit by realising success at work is directly linked to personal happiness.”

– Taya Hornsby
Senior Recruitment Consultant,
J2 Recruitment



“I decided to undertake the sessions as I wanted to develop a more clear focus on achieving my personal goals and keeping myself in the zone. With such a busy life I also thought it would be a huge help to have a period of the week where I can reflect on everything, set goals and review progress towards them. Working with Lee is a breath of fresh air. He is very much a “normal” person, highly personable and makes you feel at ease whilst also holding you accountable to achieve the things you have set out. 

Since starting the sessions I have changed my diet and eat far more healthy, I’m significantly happier and have lost over 5kg in weight. I feel far more focused in being able to achieve my personal goals and I’m just setting goals and achieving them. This has also meant I have much more energy and feel very much anchored where I need to be to stay focused on helping the business achieve its goals too. Because of this I have since recommended using Lee to staff members, who are also seeing positive result. Lee provides both the support needed to identify and set goals that are realistic and achievable and acts as a catalyst to increasing your motivation, focus and offers accountability towards the achievement of your goals. 

I’d definitely recommend using Lee as whilst I was sceptical at first I am now achieving many of the goals we have set and feel significantly healthier and happier which is having a positive effect on my performance at work.”

– James Fowler
J2 Recruitment



I have been introduced to Lee from Logros by a colleague of mine who suggested business coaching could really help me improve my productivity and success. I was interested in Logros’s approach – which is different to a lot of other coaches I have experienced as he uses goal setting alongside relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques.

I have enjoyed working with Lee from Logros. The real difference from other coaches is that he makes you come up with all the ideas, and really gets you thinking! So many coaches will speak to you nonstop for an hour and not ask any questions, Lee has a very thought provoking manner and excellent questioning technique. Working with Lee has helped me realise my personal and business goals, I am also starting to develop a better working structure to my day and I am certainly making strides into working in a much smarter way.

Lee has also personally guaranteed me that if I go to the gym in the morning before work I will be 100% more motivated, having now built this into my new routine, I am starting to believe it! I would certainly recommend Lee to anyone is really looking to develop their business. It may be the case that you are looking for your motivations, or you’re already successful but are looking to increase your productivity and step up to the next level.

In the short space of time I have worked with Lee I have already changed a few of my behaviours and believe this will stand me in good stead in both my personal and business life

– Liam White
Senior Financial Advisor
Capstone Financial Management Ltd 



I decided to speak to Lee from Logros as I wanted more focus on some short term goals and coaching isn’t something I had undertaken before so I thought I would see what would happen. The fact that Lee is also a business owner meant that he was empathetic to my day to day challenges and it was clear Lee’s experience of working in the stock market meant he had been exposed to a range of different businesses.

On personal a note Lee’s skills in asking the right question resulted in me gaining more clarity on the reasons as to why I am doing what I am doing and I realised the benefits of having some time to think strategically about the business and focus what I wanted to achieve. Throughout the process I felt at ease with Lee, I found the sessions enjoyable and I was certainly energized into taking action after each session. The sessions also focused on the importance of activity outside of work such as getting down to the gym regularly which has noticeably increased my energy levels.

The sessions had a more of a positive impact on the business than I expected as I could focus on implementing a range of new procedures resulting in efficiencies and an increase in revenue. I would recommend Lee as we achieved what we set out to and he is clearly passionate about what he is doing, and utilises a range of techniques that from research is different to other traditional business coaches.

– Craig West
Blacka Group


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