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Case Study


Working With Logros

Lee has been coaching me for a short while now and I’ve found our sessions very useful as he gently guides me into directions to help me be successful in business and in my private life. It’s always good to have someone to bounce ideas off and Lee is really good at making me think differently about things. I would highly recommend him. 

Why I Contacted Logros

When I originally contacted Lee, I really didn’t know what to expect. I always knew deep down that my emotions and negative memories from my earlier life has always held me back one way or another which has somewhat affected my personal and professional life at some point. I always knew that there would be a wobble on the horizon. Until I started working with Lee. 

What Logros Have Done

Lee has taught me to be consciously aware of my thoughts and feelings. He has taught me to accept certain difficult situations of the past in order to see the positives. Thanks to Lee I now look back at my journey and think that if my journey wasn’t the way it was then I wouldn’t have met my beautiful wife, I wouldn’t have my children and I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 

The Results

The results from working closely with Lee have been quite incredible. A truly special and unique individual whose knowledge and expertise are second to none! I felt completely confident and much clearer in the direction I should take in my life after his sessions. Life changing & amazing!! 

Whatever area of life you would like to improve, whether this be financially, your relationships, your career or business, your mental or physical health or even just to allow yourself to continually improve and feel that you are growing as an individual, Lee can help.

Lee will help you to gain clarity on exactly where you are now and help you design a plan of action that will allow you to enhance your life where desired. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their current reality. 

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